Benefits Of Choosing A Calvo Insurance Broker Over An Agency

Working with an insurance agency may be an easy option for many, but for Florida residents, there’s no better place to seek insurance help than Calvo Insurance. Here are a few of the main benefits of choosing a Calvo Insurance broker over an agency.

We Put People First

Calvo Insurance was created to escape the corporate world. When you work with one of our friendly insurance brokers, you’ll receive excellent, customized care compared to agencies that value quotas more than their clients. At Calvo Insurance, we put people first — meaning your needs, budget, and circumstances are our first priority.

You Can Actually Learn About Insurance Options

One of our primary goals at Calvo Insurance is to educate our clients on insurance options. Insurance plans can seem overwhelming when you know little about them. When you work with a Calvo Insurance broker, you’ll be able to get a real understanding of insurance plans and feel more confident when choosing a policy.

Insurance Plans Are Chosen Based on Your Needs

Our brokers will only suggest insurance plans that are in your best interest. By getting to really know you and understand your needs, we’ll provide you with insurance options that are within your budget and check all of your boxes. Calvo Insurance is only interested in your agenda, not our own.

A Wide Network of Insurance Providers and Policies

Calvo Insurance partners with more than 40 insurance providers, which allows us to leverage multiple insurance policies to find a plan that accurately fits your needs. With such a large network of partners, you can rest assured knowing we’ll find an option that’s best for you. Along with that, we can help with multiple insurance coverages ranging from home insurance to travel insurance.

No matter what your insurance needs may be, you’ll be happy working with a Calvo Insurance broker over an agency. Our dedicated insurance brokers have decades of combined experience and are experts in their field. Contact our Florida insurance brokers today!