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What is Debt Free Life?

The Debt Free Life program from Symmetry Financial Group is based on the infinite banking concept, which allows clients to become their own bankers. Through this system, clients can utilize the cash values within whole life insurance policies to fund purchases rather than borrowing money from a lender. This concept provides clients with financial wisdom and can be used throughout different life stages to help cover unexpected expenses, fund education opportunities, supplement retirement and even pay down existing debt.”

How does it work?

Clients can access the cash value within a whole life insurance policy through policy loans, which provide access to money that has been growing tax-deferred, tax-free and without penalties. When a client borrows against a whole life policy, he or she is actually borrowing from the insurance carrier, with a lien against the policy. This means that clients are never subject to a credit check or set a repayment schedule. Any amount that is not repaid back into the policy will be deducted from the cash surrender value. If the client passes away without the amount being paid back, the amount will be deducted from the overall death benefit.”